Important CPD dates for Registered Architects


If you are a registered architect in Australia it is mandatory to ensure you are continuing professional development, AKA CPD, depending on which state you are registered. It is important to note that this is not the same as where you practice.

Key architecture CPD dates are as follow;

·       QLD & Tas. – 1st of April – 31st of March

·       NSW & WA – 1st of July – 30th of June

What do these dates mean?

During the periods listed above you, as a registered architect, must accrue 20 CPD points to maintain your registration. This consists of;

·       10 formal points/activity

·       10 informal points/activity

What is the difference between formal and informal CPD points/activity?

·       Formal points/activity - must be obtained/undertaken in a structured learning environment with a structure learning outcomes or assessment

·       Informal points/activity – as prescribed by the NCSA must relate to practice as an architect already undertaken in the normal course of practice or employment but does not include any form of assessment, nor does it have significant interaction between the presenter and the learner. This can include but not limited to self-directed study, professional magazines, conferences, talks, raising awareness of architecture in schools.