10 Killer Tips for Delivering a CPD Session to Architects


Are you wondering what makes are great CPD session/workshop for architects? Here are 10 tips to on how to deliver…

1.       You’re the SME (Subject Matter Expert) so your CPD workshop should reflect your expertise e.g., sustainable design for residential projects. Stick to your niche topic.

2.       Time is everything, and no one has an abundance of it. Imagine you were in the architect’s shoes, how would you feel? The key rule is 1 hour equals 1 CPD point.

3.       Information overload helps no one. Structure your CPD session/workshop into segments that flow from one into the other. If you have a lot to say on your subject, consider creating workshops to be offered as a series or singularly.

4.       Introductions are important. Right from the get-go, outline what modules and learning outcomes you will cover within your CPD session.

5.       Takeaways, no not the food. What do you want the architects to walk away with? Something educational and memorable. Have hand-outs to give at the start for the architects to use during the CPD session/workshop but also to refer to afterwards.

6.       Practice your workshop and practice some more. Get your terminology right, know your workshop sequence verbatim. Your end goal is to ensure the architects understand your CPD workshop from start to finish without a single hiccup along the way.

7.       Dress appropriately. You’re presenting to professional creatives, will you be expecting them all to be in suits? No, dress smart and for the occasion.

8.       If you are allocating a formal CPD point, collect the details of the architects who require a certificate from you.

9.       Q&A, allow ample time for questioning and answering. Be flexible in your approach to accommodate answering questions on the fly.

10.   Above all, enjoy what you are presenting. Your enthusiasm shows in your demeanour and will rub off onto your audience.