Askin Performance Panels Updates Thermal CPD for Architects

Thermal CPD for Architects 650.jpg

Previously called Thermal Bridging and It's Impact on the Thermal Performance of Buildings, this CPD topic for Architects by Askin Performance Panels has been updated to reflect the current National Construction Code and Australian Standards.

The updated CPD topic is now known as Thermal Performance of the Building Envelope - NCC 2019.

This CPD presentation for Architects is designed to provide a valuable insight into the true benefits that continuous insulation can provide including the mitigation of interstitial condensation within a building along with providing exceptional long term operational performance.

“As we enter into a new frontier of assessing the thermal performance of the building envelope, understanding the true impact of thermal bridging will ultimately highlight a shift in design methodologies. The inclusion of AS4859.2 will be a great leap forward for thermal efficiency of our buildings” states Ryan Worthington of Askin Performance Panels.

This CPD presentation for Architects is available Australia wide, to book this session in click here NSW, QLD, Vic., SA, Tas., WA, other territories