Browse Online CPD Courses with FutureLearn

A common question asked of CPD Box by architects across Australia is “Where can I find online self-paced courses helping me with my CPD” and one great source for this is FutureLearn.

FutureLearn offers an array of online study options - from short courses to postgraduate degrees - which enable people to develop their professional skills or enrich their lives. Every course is created by a leading university or specialist organisation.

For example, FutureLearn offers the following online short courses pertaining to the architecture field;

1.     Sustainable Construction and Development by Chartered Institute of Building Academy - Gain valuable insight into sustainable construction and development, and learn best practices from sustainability initiatives.

2.     Cities of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: Why Heritage matters by Griffiths University - Get an introduction to what heritage preservation is, and why it's important to you and your local community.

3.     Re-Enchanting the City: Designing the Human Habitat by UNSW - Most people now live in cities. With populations growing, how do we make these dense future cities green, liveable and poetic?

4.     Modern Building Design by University of Bath - Learn how climate change, technology and regulation are changing modern building design and professional practice in construction

Typically these courses range between 4 to 6 weeks of self-paced study requiring between 2-3 hours per week. As per your local architecture registration board, you are in control of your professional development in accordance to the guidelines and will need to make an informed decision on how many and the types of points you can claim. Take a look at FutureLean.